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1 Gal. Old Gold Juniper Shrub
1 Gal. Old Gold Juniper Shrub
1 Gal. Old Gold Juniper Shrub

1 Gal. Old Gold Juniper Shrub

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From the gorgeous year-round color they're named for, to their iconic spired Juniper foliage, the Old Gold cultivar has a lot to offer. Due to their unique spreading form, Old Gold Junipers have multiple uses in a formal landscape including groundcover, low-growing hedge, and also making a wonderful specimen plant. This colorful conifer is also well planted among other shrubs that are deciduous where its graceful golden color can contrast their green and purple foliage through the summer, and then truly shine in the winter when they have lost their leaves for the season. An Old Gold Juniper reaches a height of 3 ft. to 4 ft., a width of 4 ft. to 6 ft., and lives most comfortably in USDA Cold Hardiness Zones 3-9, allowing this beautiful shrub to grow almost anywhere in the United States.
What's great about the Old Gold Juinper?


  • Graceful golden color year-round
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Used as groundcover, low-growing hedge, or specimen planting
  • Contrasts beautifully against shrubs with purple foliage