Apricots, plums, and cherries are all back in stock! And seeing as the groundhog saw his shadow, it looks like we'll all be planting trees early this year!

About Us - The Online Orchards Difference

Planting a tree is an investment in your future. It’s a meaningful decision that brings value to your home, your life, and your environment. But not all trees are grown equal. For example, two Honeycrisp trees grown in separate locations can produce apples with vastly different flavors! One may be the best apple you’ve ever tasted, while the other is somewhat bland. The cultivation techniques used to grow our trees not only optimize growth, they optimize flavor! 


When you plant a tree from Online Orchards, you can expect a more vigorous grower, a larger harvest from younger tree, and better fruit flavor than you can imagine.


There are two very important qualities that distinguish Online Orchards from the other websites that sell trees. The first is that we are proud to say that Online Orchards is owned and operated by real tree growers! When you order one of our trees, you can rest assured that we will be there to help and answer any questions you might have. Want to know what rootstock your tree is grafted on? No problem. Are you curious about trying your hand at grafting your tree? We can tell you how! When you grow one of our trees you will certainly see it’s vigorous high-quality, but more importantly you will be able feel the quality of our customer service.

The second, and most important, quality is that we don’t just want our customers to buy our trees. We want them to grow our trees! This may sound like a small difference but to us it’s everything! We are growers and plant lovers just like you and we are here to help with any questions or problems you might have during the planting and growing process. Please don't hesitate to email customerservice@onlineorchards.com with anything you might have to ask or let us know.