European Mountain Ash Tree (Rowan) - Bright orange berries grow in huge clusters!

European Mountain Ash Tree (Rowan) - Bright orange berries grow in huge clusters!

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The European Mountain Ash (also known as the Rowan tree) is an ancient and beautiful tree which has countless visual and practical qualities. The most distinguishable aspect of a Mountain Ash tree is the massive clusters of bright orange berries which adorn the foliage through spring, summer, and fall. These showy orange berries are quickly noticed as they clash brightly against the tiny dark green leaves of the Mountain Ash tree. Their bright orange color is certainly beautiful but a truly unique aspect of these berries is that upon closer inspection, each berry actually has a small star imprinted on its bottom!



What’s great about the European Mountain Ash?

  •  Massive clusters of bright orange berries are quite showy as they clash against the dark green foliage.
  •  The Mountain Ash tree remains relatively compact, only reaching heights of about 15 feet.
  •  The tart berries are used to make unique and exquisite wines!





What will you receive?

When you order a tree from Online Orchards, we will send you a bare-root tree with roots wrapped in wet biodegradable material and burlap to ensure hydration while the tree is being shipped to you. The best thing you can do is plant as soon as possible, water often, and watch your tree grow.


When will you receive your tree?

Our trees are ready to be sent out in November when they begin their state of dormancy and shipping continues through May, depending on the warm spring weather!